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Many of the web applications I develop use MySQL databases.  To access these I can build webforms and try to add in security, but I find it often easier to use FileMaker Pro to access the MySQL database via OBDC.  When using Filemaker Pro on a Mac running OS X, I have found it best […]

This is an update to a previous post on enabling PHP on Leopard.  These instructions will get you ready with Apache setup, PHP enabled and MySQL installed Mac OS X 10.6 (Leopard) comes with both Apache 2.2.6 and PHP 5.2.4 pre-installed, but they’re not enabled by default. These instructions involve editing some hidden files.  You […]

These are the steps I followed to install phpMyAdmin on my local machine, which is a MacBook Pro.  Substitute your own user name for “franz”. Download the zip file from .  I downloaded version 2.11. Although there is a later version. After Unzipping the file, I copied the folder to my Sites directory under […]

With Leopard, the System Preferences pane is different.  There is now just a single option for web sharing.  Open System Preferences, Sharing and enable Web Sharing.  Apache2 is installed as a default.  You should see your local website using this in the browser (using your own user short name in place of “shortname”. localhost/~shortname If […]

MySQL is an open source database that is used by millions of people each year.  It is very robust and scalable.  But to access it usually requires some type of custom program or a MySQL front end.  There are other good database applications, such as Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro.  These applications make it easy […]

Moving Blog to Different Domain A WordPress blog is a combination of three parts: Web Hosting Control Panel.  This is only an issue if you wish to use the control panel provided by your web hosting company to install and update your WordPress installation. Files on the domain (WordPress, configuration, plugins, templates, image uploads, etc.) […]

With the update of WordPress to version 2.6 you are allow you to switch from the flash uploader or Browser uploader (see the above image).  That was working just fine after upgrading WordPress.  At least it was until I came upon a website that said I did not have Adobe Flash installed in my browser.  […]

Long before most people had up a personal website, I started a website at one of my domains, The problem with websites is trying to keep them current and updated. Eventually the information there was so out of date that I gave up and changed to a family blog. Blogs, such as this […]

I am part of a two man relay team that will be competing in a 508 mile bike race called the Furnace Creek 508.  I setup a website for our team and wanted to have a way to update it while on the road using only my iPhone. You can see the solution I developed […]

In the prior blog entry I talked about moving my domain for email over to GMail. Hosting my website at Dreamhost makes this simple.  I configured Gmail to allow POP access and changed my settings in Entourage to use the Gmail POP and SMTP settings.  It all seemed to work fine, except I notice that […]