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Although I have been through several computers during the life of my Samsung 24 in monitor I never saw a reason to replace it since it had a resolution of 1920×1200, a bit more than the 1080p monitors that have flooded the market.  I had purchased that monitor in 2007 for a price of $399 […]

When the Apple iPad first came out, I was doubtful that it would be a success.  Certainly it could not replace a “real computer”.  Over time I have been proven wrong and iOS and the Apps continue to improve, it is become far more capable and can do many of the tasks previously only possible […]

When Apple released the iPad last year I thought it would enjoy little success. I was completely wrong. Soon the iPad was selling widely and every person I talked to about their iPad had very positive feedback. My wife really wanted to get an iPad but I decided we should wait for the second generation […]

It was easier in the days of the big tower cases to just add in more hard drives, or replace an existing drive with a larger capacity on. But today with the ever increasing use of notebook computers, that is not so easy.  I have therefore become dependent on using external hard drives.  Being a […]

Previously I did some tests on various internal and external drives.  I just received a brand new Western Digital Passsport Studio drive.  This 500 Gb, 2.5 in, portable drive has three interfaces so I felt it would be a great way to test a comparision between USB2, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800.  I used Drive […]

I was lucky to get a new 500 Gb portable hard drive for Christmas.  It was one of the Western Digital Passport series, a very small USB drive.  I already had 4 of these, 2 with 160 Gb, 1 at 250 Gb and 1 at 320 Gb.  One might think it all adds up to […]

In a prior blog entry I discussed swapping the internal drive on my MacBook Pro and how it’s performance improved.  I decided to run the same benchmark on several different external drives I have.  To keep the comparision simple, I will show graphs for only one parameter, random write.  I used Drive Genius 2 to […]

I just finished replacing the hard drive in my Mac Book Pro.  Unlike most notebook computers, this was not an easy task.  I had to remove 25 screws, remove the keyboard and disconnect two ribbon cables from the mother board before I could remove the old hard drive.  Fortunately there are many good tutorials on […]