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Day One Journal

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[update on 12/14/2012: Apple has named the Mac version of Day One their App of the year] There was a time when I was keep a lengthy journal using a word processor.  Over the years that I found it took much effort and the entries became few and far between and that kind of journal […]

When the Apple iPad first came out, I was doubtful that it would be a success.  Certainly it could not replace a “real computer”.  Over time I have been proven wrong and iOS and the Apps continue to improve, it is become far more capable and can do many of the tasks previously only possible […]

So cool! There is a new Word press app for the iPhone that allows me to write or edit a posting to a WordPress blog. I am using it for this entry. Too bad it does not yet support images from the iPhone camera

I have mostly relied on the tools offered in WordPress to create and edit my blog postings but I have always wanted more. Since I have Adobe Creative Suite 3, I also have a copy of Adobe Contribute, which allows you to do direct editing of websites and blogs. Although this software has some nice […]

Printing a Blog

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I in the processing of creating several blog entries at our family blog for our recent vacation to Europe.  We went on a cruise with some friends and they wanted to know how to get a copy of the entry.  I had not thought about that before being a peson who has evolved to hardly […]