Split a Clip in iMovie 11
I finally got around to importing some old family video from some VHS tapes before my equipment no longer works.  On much of this footage I had the date recorded on the image, which was helpful.  I imported from the compact SVHS tapes first to a MiniDV camera, which supported SVHS input, then once on DV tape, I easily imported directly into iMovie.  The problem was that the video might span more than a year and include many different events but it would often come in as one single clip.  I wanted to separate this into several clips so I could adjust the dates.

Since iMovie does not have this feature built in, I ended up doing this in a free app called MPEG Streamclip by Squared 5.

  1. To find the right clip, in the Event window in iMovie, right-clicked on the clip you want, then selected Show In Finder.
  2. Next  drag the DV file into MPEG Streamclip.
  3. For each segment, set the playhead at the start and pressed I to set the In Point, then moved the playhead to the Out Point and press O.
  4. Then select from the menu File/Export and choose DV.  Save to a temporary location, such as your desktop.   For the file name, I used the format clip-yyyy-mm-dd hh;mm;ss.dv so that iMovie would import the clip with the right metadata.
  5. Repeat for each segment you wish to create a clip for.
  6. Returning to iMovie, first reject to trash the overall clip so you don’t have a duplicate.
  7. Import imported the individual DV files you created.

Note: It is possible to split a long clip in iMovie but found this to take a long time and not very reliable. To do this, you would first delete some frames of video at the point you want to split, using the Reject Tool. Then move rejected clips to trash. This should change the one long clip into two clips but it creates MOV files.