When the Apple iPad first came out, I was doubtful that it would be a success.  Certainly it could not replace a “real computer”.  Over time I have been proven wrong and iOS and the Apps continue to improve, it is become far more capable and can do many of the tasks previously only possible with a computer.

One example is blogging.  Doing this on the go, away for you computer was never that useful.  I have previously created blogs using on my iPhone using the WordPress App (free).  However there was no way to add photos and typing on an iPhone is not so easy.

The WordPress App, now with version 2.82 for the iPad and the iPhone allows you to add photos already on the device.  To get your photos onto the iPad is easy with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.


This kit comes with two similar devices, one to connect a USB cable and the other with a SD card slot. The USB adapter can be used to import photos from a camera connected via a USB cable, including an iPhone.  The other is to read directly a SD card from a camera.  Either you connect the camera via USB or insert the SD card then plug that device the iPad.  The iPad photo app automatically launches and allows you to import the photos from the SD card. Switching now to the WordPress App for the iPad, you can write your blog entry and  select the photo to insert into the text of the blog entry. Real simple.

The updated WordPress App for the iPhone also allows you to also insert images or video into the blog entry but only those taken with the iPhone.  The only other way to get a photo on your iPhone is syncing with a computer, but if you have a computer with you, you would just use it directly.