Top iPad Apps

In a prior entry, I wrote about the high demand for the new Apple iPad2 and what it took to finally get my hands on one. Having tried a lot of Apps over the past few days, this is the list of what I find the most useful, in no particular order. Click on any of the links to read more about each item in the iTunes App store.  Sorry no games listed here.

App Start

The first app to download on your new iPad or iPad2. Gets you started with all the essential apps and learn how to best use your iPad. Why did Apple not install this on the iPad by default?

Cost: Free during promotional period

Weather Channel

I had used the free Weather Channel on my iPhone and found it very useful. On the iPad it is even more useful.

Cost: Free


The best way to share files, not only between computers but also between your Window or Mac Computer and your iPhone and iPad.

Cost: Free for up to 2 Gb of storage space


This fantastic application will take news feeds from various sources and create what looks like a very slick online publication, often using a better layout than the webpage of the original source. It makes your Facebook news feeds look great.

Cost: Free


This App will give you a view of all your financial accounts, as well as other accounts such as frequent flyer membershipos.

Cost: Free or a paid version for $12.99


A great app for tracking the financial markets and your personal investments.

Cost: Free


Want to read books you have purchased from Amazon and don’t have a Kindle. No problem, since this app will work great on your iPad.

Cost: Free


A great book reader and easy access to Apple’s ebook store.  After you install, get the free book “iPad Users Guide” updated for the latest iOS and iPad.

Cost: Free


If you are a Netflix subscriber, you will certainly want to install this App and watch your movies on your iPad.

Cost: App is Free, paid subscription to Netflix is required.


One of the best travel related sites. Search for the best ticket prices or hotel rooms. Select your ticket and be taken to the airline’s website to make your purchase.

Cost: Free

Garage Band

Impress your friends with your musical talent. This apps shows of the power of the iPad like no other.

Cost: $4.99


Get the latest news with a great App.

Cost: Free

iWorks Suite: Pages , Numbers, Keynote

Get the iPad versions of the three apps that come with the iWorks suite for your Mac. They really showcase the power of the iPad.

Cost: $9.99 each